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About About us

Company Name System Tokyo
Address 160-0023 Tokyo Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, 3-15-8
Establishment 1996
Capital 10,000,000¥
Telephone     FAX 03-5333-5830     03-3320-2117
Enterprise Contents 1)Mobile、PC Software
  • Mobile App: iOS、Android
  • PC: Windows、Mac、Linux
  • Platform Change Transplant: iOS、Android、Windows
  • Homepage Making、EC Site Construction (Ruby on Rails、PhoneGap、HTML5、CSS、Flash、CGI、JavaScript、PHP WordPress)
  • Website Visitor Analysis(Motion Map)
  • Restaurant Wireless(LAN Order System and Management Server), Touch Automatic Ticket Vending Machine,
  • Waiting Software, In this case, Usable Free Distribution Mini Game
  • ERP Construction(Business Cross-Integration Software)
  • Moodle Online Education System Construction

2)Base Development and Enterprise Software(All Our Engine)Difficulty 6/7~7/7
  • Internet TV Conference System and Personal Tuition TV Education System
  • Face Recognition, Algorithm Construction of Number Recognition
  • Prediction System of the past future of the human image,
  • CM Extraction System of TV broadcast by Image Recognition
  • Real-time OCR and Cooperation of the Translation System
  • Camera Synchronization and Kinetic Analysis for reflected wave visualization of Radio waves(Help of Auto rotation)
  • GPU Analysis,Encrypted router by GPU,
  • 3D Camera and Drones,
  • GPU built-in H.264 Video Compression
  • Linux Kernel Analysis,
  • Instrument: Conductor, an Electronic music stand and Chords sound source analysis for player related Software

3)Hardware : Board Design, ARM Architecture, FPGA, Linux, Baseband

Map of US

Keio New Line Hatsudai (5 minutes walk)

Odakyu line Sangubashi (5 minutes walk)