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Development of software based on your requirements, we will deliver.
We will develop and supply softwares as customer's requirements who is looking for Business software development enterprise(Especially Multmedia System, Information Security association).

From small-scale development of one people one week, and we can respond according to the needs to large-scale development of 50 people three months. Because business software is correspondable regardless of the OSs, we are waiting for your ordering.

We provide satisfy our services to our customers including total cost, both the quality of the software.
Recent Software Development Method

We implements high quality, short delivery and low cost by adopting design button's adoption, recent method as well as object orientation, UML in method of right man in the right place.

We are developing in method of project progress that finish in short period by feeding developers intensively, not long term project of many years.
Development Results

  • SFA (sales force automation)
  • Integrated Enterprise Software
  • SIP Video Conference System
  • Instant Messenger
  • Multi-User PC System
  • Mobile Real-time Tracking System
  • VPN Security Communication
  • Biometrics Authentication Technology
  • Fingerprint, Face Recognition, Online Signature System
  • Speech Synthesis System
  • Face authentication entry and exit System
  • Face authentication time card System
It is also accepted porting between different platforms.
Implementation of High Quality

We install Quality management department and execute narrow check in customer's situation before delivery.

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