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For the customer who are looking for a development of the embedded software
Development of the software based on customer requirements looking for the development of the embedded software, will be delivered. From small-scale development of one people one week, and we can respond according to the needs to large-scale development of 50 people three months.

In case of embedded software, regardless of all kinds of systems from a single chip system that does not use the OS to VxWORKS, TOPPERS, μiTRON, and WinodwsEmbedded for embedded system using the PC. We are looking forward to the ordering. We provide the customers that satisfy the customers with delivery, total cost, quality of the software.
Modern software deveopment techniques

Object-orientation、UML(Unified Modeling Language)As well, and by adopting the adoption of such a design pattern is the latest approach to the right man in the right place, high quality, quick delivery, It will realize a low cost.
Development Result

  • Real-time Control
  • Real-time Recording System
  • Real-time DVD/BD Writing System
  • ID Photo system
  • Embedded Database System
  • Media Streaming Server
  • Mobile Media Player
  • Java
Implementation of High Quality

Provided with a quality control department, We are inspecting from the customers' point of view before delivery by professional inspection.


is fast.

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