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Acquisition of privacy

Our company will get the proper personal information without depending on the irregular means and path.
Use of privacy

When using the privacy for purposes undefined below, We use it under the aggrement with him/her.
(1) Answering and sending of materials for your request of quotation
(2) delivery of goods ordered
(3) seminar information, and provides information about various products and services
For consignment of privacy

In case of our company's delegation of all or part of the handling of privacy to a third party, our company performs rigorous investigation for the third party so that safety management of privacy entrusted with the handling to achieve necessary and appropriate supervision for the third parties.
Also, For consulting, the application of privacy mark and ISMS application business jointly working in collaboration with a third party, there is a case to entrust the handling of privacy on a third party.
The suggestion of privacy by a third-party

Except of the case with laws and regulations of the privacy protection, the privacy will not be provided to third parties without obtaining the advance of your consent.
For the disclosure and correction of privacy

Our company will promptly disclose the privacy once upon the request for disclosure of own privacy
At that time, if it doesn't confirm your identity, it doesn't.
If there is a request for correction, addition, deletion from the person in question for error in the content of privacy, will respond promptly to these claims after investigation.
At that time, if you can not confirm your identity, we do not respond to these claims. With regard to the handling of our privacy, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask for above contact.

Our company setups a privacy manager and implements the appropriate management and continuous improvement of privacy.
Change of this policy.

The contents of this policy may be changed.
For this policy after the change, except for the case that we separately determined, it is assumed to take effect from the time that was posted on the site.

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