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Reserved Work of Smartphone and Tablet Terminal Application.
We primarily develop the Android and iOS(iPhone, iPad) applications(Contact us for Windows Phone or Firefox Phone). We can broadly deal with from the generic application to bingo or lottery application in the special events and mini game.

We can implement the Face recognition developed by our research and development team and provide the software application to meet the customer's need. We already have the many implementations and also module to apply to the various usage. We can probably develop the application that aborted by the other company due to the technical reasons or budget. Please contact us.
General Application Development

We contract the general application development by the proposal. In case of the application for implementing in smart phone, We can develop almost all the things. Typically, we develop not only the application based on the specification after it, but we can also develop the applicaton by understanding the specification from memo or verbal requirements in the special case.
Enterprise Application Development, Development of Mini-Game and etc.

We contract the application development for meeting the customer's own specification. We can flexibly deal with the need of customers including the special specification or the applying to the external hardware and so on. We also contract the development of mini game as well as the customr's own application and the lottery application in the special events. We can provide with the character and music, but we can embed your character and theme and music of your business to the application.
Porting between Platforms

We contract the porting of application. For example, we can port the Android application to iOS one(Also it is possible to port the application of the other company. Contact us).

It is based on the functionality of OS, the performance of hardware and so on, but we can provide the porting of the application of Windows or the specialized terminal to that of iOS or Android. Please, contact us.

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