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Iphone app development

By the proposal, it will take a trustee of general application development. If it is feasible application on smartphones, it is almost possible development. Usually crowned by submitting the specifications, its We will develop based on Les, but it is also possible to develop with an understanding of the specification by the transfer of memo writing and verbally in some cases. Also, graphics to be used in the application It is also possible to prepare here also, such as vinegar or sound effects.

Business application development, development of mini-games

We heard the trustee of the application development of according to your own specifications. Such as responding to special specifications and external hardware, allowing flexibility to suit your needs.

Special event to the available lottery app, it will take a trustee of the development of mini-games that combine with your own application. Characters and music can be prepared in our company, but your customers own character, it is also possible to incorporate such as a corporate theme song to the app.

Porting between platforms

We heard the trustee of the application of the porting work. For example, an app that was developed on Android, it is possible to be ported to iOS. (As also principle porting of third-party development of applications.)

OS functions, and more, such as in hardware performance but, Windows and, we also offer transplantation to the application of IOS and Android for a dedicated terminal. Come once consultation.